AWAY team must change colours IF clash occurs

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Could all clubs take note - rule 13 has now changed after an amendment was carried at the recent AGM - it is the AWAY team who must change if there is a potential clash of colours. See below. Thank you.

13a) Each team in the League shall register its colours with the Secretary. No two Clubs shall play in the same colour. In the event of two teams having the same, the away team must change their colours.

A Goalkeeper must wear a shirt or jersey of a distinctive colour from that of his own team and also his opponents.
b) All Shirts must be clearly numbered and all Players and Substitutes shall wear the numbered shirt that corresponds with their name on the Comet Games Management system/ Match Card.
c) Clubs must append the full names (Surnames and Given names) of Players on the Comet Games Management System/Match Card. Where necessary, further initials must be used to identify Players with the same names.”

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