MUFL Guidelines for Communication of Fixtures

Saturday, 09 June 2018

Please note that the following information from the MUFL Management Committee is for clarification purposes only:-

1.The Fixtures Secretary will provide a PRINTED fixture schedule to all clubs at the monthly League meetings.

2.These PRINTED fixtures may be subject to change by the Fixtures Secretary should the need arise. The words “Subject to change by the Fixtures Secretary should the need arise” and “Home team responsibility to provide pitch for home fixture” will be appended to all monthly printed fixture schedules.

 3.Any change/s to the PRINTED fixture schedule will be communicated to the relevant club/s by the Fixtures Secretary using EMAIL, TEXT or TELEPHONE as soon as possible prior to the match.

 4.Receipt of ALL fixture amendment emails / texts MUST be confirmed by all relevant clubs via a RETURN email, text or telephone call

5.Wherever feasible, any changes or amendments to fixtures will be communicated to all relevant clubs with 5-7 DAYS notice. NB: postponed EXTERNAL Competition cup matches e.g. IFA Challenge Cup, IFA Intermediate Cup, Bob Radcliffe Cup, IFA Junior Cup, Ivan Marshall Shield, etc, are normally re-scheduled for the following week, unless a more Senior competition takes preference, however INTERNAL Competition cup ties (MUFL Cups) do not necessarily follow likewise, and may be scheduled at any convenient future date by the Fixtures Secretary.

a) 7 days for a new fixture

b) 5 days where Clubs already have a fixture and an amendment is required

 6.As a method of General Communication to any interested party, all changes or amendments to the monthly fixture schedule will also be posted by the Fixtures Secretary on the MUFL Website. NB: all these changes or amendments to fixtures will ONLY be inserted within the NEWS section of the Official MUFL Website by the Fixtures Secretary.

 7.The NEWS section is the official & definitive reference for all MUFL fixtures.

 8.Other parts of the Website may have fixtures updated at some future point by the Website Administrator, however, they will NOT necessarily be the most up to date / current fixtures. NB: Clubs should also disregard fixtures printed in the written media as these have, in the past, been shown to be inaccurate.

 9.For Clubs who have fixtures or ‘No Fixture’ but with the words “(Prov)” appended, then confirmation, postponement or amendment will be advised in accordance with item 5 above.

  10. If in any doubt whatsoever as to any fixture, then it is every club’s OWN responsibility to contact the Fixtures Secretary as soon as possible to resolve the matter fully. Please also note that the Management Committee view it to be good manners / custom & practice for all HOME teams to contact their opponents well in advance of any fixture, WHERE there are any relevant CHANGES to their normal home arrangements, which must be notified accordingly to all relevant parties. These may be changes to those details published on the relevant Club Guide page on the official MUFL website, and may include for example any temporary change of kit colours, any change of venue, any change from normal Kick Off time, any travel disruptions or ground access issues, and so on. Your co-operation with regards to all of the above is much appreciated.

 Thank you.

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