Clubs Unanimously Back MUFL Covid Policy

Friday, 10 September 2021

The MUFL would thank its member clubs for the high turnout at the scheduled MUFL Meeting on Monday 6 September 2021, and the unanimous support given for the ongoing MUFL Covid Policy.

Again, the MUFL would refer clubs to emails received from us in August as outlined below, and with particular items highlighted/reinforced, consistent with PHA and IFA guidance.


Once more, we would highlight in particular the 3rd & 4th bullet points below, and would also continue to reinforce the MUFL recommendation that changing rooms and showering facilities remain closed.  The MUFL would appreciate the teams’ assistance for this.

Clubs must ensure that they are still keeping a Track and Trace file should any members fall ill due to Covid. Also note that our Covid protocol remains the same as previous, namely:


  • Should a club have one positive Covid case then any scheduled fixture will still take place.
  • Should a club have two or more positive Covid cases then any scheduled fixture may be postponed by the league secretary providing relevant proof is received.
  • Should a player receive a positive test result, but who had no direct contact with any other player during training or match for more than 15 minutes, then only the player himself should self-isolate as per the PHA guidelines. For clarity, should a series of players have to isolate or urgently arrange PCR tests due to PHA guidelines then a fixture may be considered for postponement under exceptional circumstances in liaison with the Fixtures Secretary as per MUFL Rule 11a.
  • Liaison and evidence submitted relating to the two immediately above bullet points should be as timely as possible with the MUFL.

Should any club have further Covid-19 concerns then please contact the Public Health on 111.

Please note that the Mid Ulster Football League is run by volunteers; we are not medical professionals, but we will always do our best to ensure that a safe playing environment for all of our members is provided.

Thank you and please stay safe.

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