Pitch Availabilty Intermediate Football

Friday, 07 August 2020

Intermediate Football

Most Intermediate Club who have full control of their pitches will by now have a full understanding of the Return to Football protocols as issued by the IFA and will have embraced the full measures required

Intermediate Clubs should have provided a risk assessment for their pitches This is a one -off document and the measures included should be upheld for all that Club's home matches - A copy of the RA should be held on file by both the Club and the League

Local Authority Intermediate Pitches


 Ferris Park;Havelock Park - should be available with Toilet facilities for September 5th

Cheney Park  - available now


No Intermediate Local Authority Pitches


Richhill - ABC Council commencing work immediately - Hoping to have Pitch available with toilet facilities for Sept 5th


Unlikely to be available until Mid-Late October

For Clubs hiring from ABC Council  - they should submit a Risk Assesmment with their booking form and pitch hire fee together with a copy of their PLI


Joe McAree Stadium - available with Toilet facilities for September 5th

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