Intermediate Football - a statement

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Mid UlsterFootball League

IntermediateFootball - A Statement

The Mid Ulster Football League are committed todelivering the highest possible standard of Intermediate Football. To this endthe Committee feel it is necessary, after consultation with the NationalAssociation, to implement changes to both its structure and the manner ofcontinued membership of Intermediate Divisions.

Clubs were made aware following a statement on the League’swebsite that for season 16/17the total number of Intermediate teams was to bereduced to 27 with 13 in Intermediate A and 14 in Intermediate B.  At that time, the stated policy of theCommittee was to further reduce the number of Intermediate teams to 26 with 12 in the “A” Division.

The MUFL lobbied forreinstatement of leading MUFA affiliated “A” teams to the Mid Ulster Cup.

The League were also committed to the full implementationof the pyramid system for applications received from MUFL affiliated teamsrelegated from the PIL. For others not affiliated to the Mid Ulster FA or fromcurrent Intermediate teams who are members of other Regional IntermediateLeagues, a rigorous interview procedure would be undertaken where necessary

However, these policies was re-assessed for thecommencement of season 17/18. Following further information received, it wasagreed that 2 Divisions, each of 14 teams would be workable with no maximumnumber of teams set. 

In respect of the matter of continued membership. TheCommittee have, for some time expressed concern at the sterility at the bottomof Intermediate B. In order to offset this, the Committee are, with immediateeffect opening up the possibility of promotion and relegation between teamsfinishing in the top two places of Division 1 providing they meet theIntermediate ground criteria and the ensuing relegation of the teams finishingin the bottom 1 or 2 places of the Intermediate B. A Club finishing in the topechelon of Division 1 may also be considered for promotion to Intermediate B,providing they meet with the Intermediate ground criteria, with the bottom 2teams of the B Division having to apply for re-election.

The Committee have determined, again with immediateeffect, that no junior teams, either internal or external will be parachutedinto Intermediate football and that in accordance with the wishes of theNational Association, Intermediate Football may only be obtained by the naturalprocesses of the pyramid system.

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